Cannot add an entity that already exists

Cannot add an entity that already exists


    public ActionResult Create(Group group)     {         if (ModelState.IsValid)         {             group.int_CreatedBy = 1;             group.dtm_CreatedDate = DateTime.Now;             var Groups = Request["Groups"];             int GroupId = 0;             GroupFeature GroupFeature=new GroupFeature();             foreach (var GroupIdd in Groups)             {             //    GroupId = int.Parse(GroupIdd.ToString());               }             var Features = Request["Features"];             int FeatureId = 0;             int t = 0;             int ids=0;              string[] Feature = Features.Split(',').ToArray();             //foreach (var FeatureIdd in Features)             for(int i=0; i<Feature.Length; i++)             {                 if (int.TryParse(Feature[i].ToString(), out ids))                 {                      GroupFeature.int_GroupId = 35;                      GroupFeature.int_FeaturesId = ids;                     if (ids != 0)                     {                         GroupFeatureRepository.Add(GroupFeature);                         GroupFeatureRepository.Save();                     }                 }              }                 return RedirectToAction("Details", new { id = group.int_GroupId });          }         return View();     } 

I am getting an error here Cannot add an entity that already exists. at this line GroupFeatureRepository.Add(GroupFeature); GroupFeatureRepository.Save();

Is there a template language for ASP.NET MVC like JSTL and OGNL?


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This line:. Membership provider stopped working on using Membership Provider in ASP.Net MVC
GroupFeature GroupFeature=new GroupFeature(); 
needs to be inside your for loop, like this:. Design decisions
for(int i=0; i<Feature.Length; i++) {   if (int.TryParse(Feature[i].ToString(), out ids))   {     GroupFeature GroupFeature=new GroupFeature(); 
You need to add a new GroupFeature each time(e.g. ASP.NET Exception Handling in background threadsone not in this collection, which your re-used object already is after the first loop). MVC2 or WCF for an XML/JSON REST API? You can't re-use the same GroupFeature object like this for adding, although moving it inside the loop so you generate a distinct GroupFeature each time will resolve this.. How do you update the aspnetdb membership IsApproved value?
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