Ninject: Abstract Class

Ninject: Abstract Class

Do I need to do something different in an abstract class to get dependency injection working with Ninject?

I have a base controller with the following code:

public abstract class BaseController : Controller {     public IAccountRepository AccountRepository     {         get;         set;     } } 

My module looks like this:

public class WebDependencyModule : NinjectModule {     public override void Load()     {         Bind<IAccountRepository>().To<AccountRepository>();     } } 

And this is my Global.asax:

protected override void OnApplicationStarted() {     Kernel.Load(new WebDependencyModule()); }  protected override IKernel CreateKernel() {     return new StandardKernel(); } 

It works when I decorate the IAccountRepository property with the [Inject] attribute.

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