How does MVC Client Side validation work exactly?

How does MVC Client Side validation work exactly?

I have used MVC MVC 2.0 Client Side validation, but it does not work as expected. Now I am trying to find out, what I did wrong. How does it work? I have this rendered form:

<form method="post" action="/Sprint/Edit/68d4886b-a86a-4f0b-b713-39219febddf3">          <fieldset>              <legend>Sprint</legend>              <table>  <tbody><tr>     <td><label for="sprint_Title">Title</label></td>     <td><input type="text" value="Wichtige Private Erledigungen" name="sprint.Title" id="sprint_Title" class="input-box t-input"></td>     <td><span class="error"><span id="sprint_Title_validationMessage" class="field-validation-valid"></span></span></td> </tr>  <tr>     <td><label for="sprint_Date">Date</label></td>     <td>         <div id="sprint_Date" class="date-picker t-input t-widget t-datepicker"><input value="12.05.2010" name="sprint.Date" id="sprint_Date-input" class="t-input" autocomplete="off"><a title="Open the calendar" tabindex="-1" href="#" class="t-link t-icon t-icon-calendar">select date</a></div>     </td>     <td><span class="error"><span id="sprint_Date_validationMessage" class="field-validation-valid"></span></span></td> </tr>   <tr>     <td><label for="sprint_Description">Description</label></td>     <td><textarea rows="10" name="sprint.Description" id="sprint_Description" cols="80" class="t-input">dsfs1</textarea></td>     <td><span class="error"><span id="sprint_Description_validationMessage" class="field-validation-valid"></span></span></td> </tr>             </tbody></table>          </fieldset>      <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="Submit" id="Submit" class="t-button t-state-default">  </form> 

And this script is rendered:

<script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ if (!window.mvcClientValidationMetadata) { window.mvcClientValidationMetadata = []; } window.mvcClientValidationMetadata.push({"Fields":[{"FieldName":"sprint.Title","ReplaceValidationMessageContents":true,"ValidationMessageId":"sprint_Title_validationMessage","ValidationRules":[{"ErrorMessage":"Title is required.","ValidationParameters":{},"ValidationType":"required"}]},{"FieldName":"sprint.Date","ReplaceValidationMessageContents":true,"ValidationMessageId":"sprint_Date_validationMessage","ValidationRules":[{"ErrorMessage":"Das Feld \"Date\" ist erforderlich.","ValidationParameters":{},"ValidationType":"required"}]},{"FieldName":"sprint.Description","ReplaceValidationMessageContents":true,"ValidationMessageId":"sprint_Description_validationMessage","ValidationRules":[]}],"FormId":null,"ReplaceValidationSummary":false}); //]]> </script> 

But to my surprise the breakpoint only stops at page load. I think it should be also if a field is tabbed? At least, after I press the post button.

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