Can I assign HTML values in MVC view using Html Helpers?

Can I assign HTML values in MVC view using Html Helpers?

is this right? i am trying to display value in input box dynamically?

can anyone advice me is this corect approach? but still I am getting here only + + in input box?

thanks mvc datannotation password validate


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Html.DisplayFor will render a label in this case. JavaScript url auto-resolution in Asp.Net MVCIf you want to write in this way just use <%= Model.Date.ToString() %> for the value attrialthough e of the input.. How Testing relates to ASP.NET MVC/WEBFORMS Silverlight MVVM These HTML helpers will render the markup for you, don't try and use them as methods to return data. Why am I getting “The directive 'control' is unknown” error in ASP.NET MVC?You must receive the data by just using <%=Model.MyProperty%> as long as it is a strongy-typed view.. 404s for mvc solution doesn't work in production Try just using <%= Html.EditorFor(m => m.Date) %>. File Upload in MVC using JQuery Multifile Upload plugin & an iframe OR. How can add TablexId and TableyId to a relationships table ( shows up as navigation property on Entity Framework )? <%= Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.Date) %> (the EditorFor will automatically render a textbox anyway). OR. <%= Html.TextBox("Date", Model.Date) %> (this is not a strongly-typed helper, you're doing the data binding yourself with the second argument).


Maybe did you want this? .
<input    type="text"    id="Date-<%=Model.ID%>"    value= " <%= "+" + Model.Date.ToString() + "+" %>"  />  
I don't know what Model is for you, although any thing like this might guidance you, if it is an object of a class this has any property Date..

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