Best custom dynamic grid for MVC [closed]

Best custom dynamic grid for MVC [closed]

.Net MVC application also running Linq-to-SQL.

I have seen many articles on grids that will operate in this environment but none that will capture data - all simply display and sort/order.

I need to dynamically add project codes as columns and have days of the week as rows. The individual cells will contain hours worked - yup this is a simple timesheet application. I do not think the AJAX route is that easy considering MVC and Linq-to-SQL and the fact that each user will need to choose which projects they worked on that week to add them to the grid.

Any suggestions.

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I would suggest using jqGrid. mvc int property bind exceptionIt's quite capable of sorting, paging, dynamically updating data, ajax, filtering, .... How do I pass a list of integers to an MVC action? form post/anti forgery

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