Shortcode is not working in wordpress 3.0

Shortcode is not working in wordpress 3.0

Is there anything need to enable for shortcode to work in Wordpress 3.0? I have tried some short codes and none of them working as expected.

regards - dj

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Short codes are as simple or as complex as you intend them to be. Change format of “0 Comments and 0 Reactions” in wordpressAlso they must solve any pretty annoying problems and add a lot of functionality for your users. In wordpress 3.0 how do you get the default Custom Field UI for Custom Post types?One thing I always use a short code for is embedding YouTube videos and media of the same format.. Can anybody send me links of some good tutorial about wordpress development [closed] Here are any links this may guidance you:. BuddyPress slug prefix
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If its a template file you are endeavor to put them into you will need to put the code into a function and display it like:.
<?php echo do_shortcode( '[contact-form-7 id="448" title="Contact"]' ); ?> 
I am guessing you have it all sorted by now though as I have just checked when this was posted..


Plus make sure you call the following function.
to output your content.

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