How do I use the pages in WordPress?

How do I use the pages in WordPress?

1) I'm using WordPress as a CMS for a site. Therefore I want to use the Pages instead of the Posts. When I add a new page, it will create it at an address like "http://localhost/new_mtt/about-us", but when I click on View Page, it goes to the 404 Page not Found Page. Is there something I need to set somewhere so the pages work?

2) Also, I would like to create a default index page, but as it is now, it will use the first post as the index page. How can I set it up to show a specific page as the index page or how can I create an index page on the Pages area?

3) I'm using wp_list_pages to list out the navigation but it is in the wrong order. Is there any way I can re-order the pages as they appear in the navigation?

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2) In the WP admin dashboard, on the left, click on: Settings >> Reading - Pick A static page. Managing Multiple Wordpress SitesThe page you pick for Front Page will be the default index page. Problem when I try to move my WordPress blog to a new serverPosts Page will be where your most recent blog posts are shown.. WordPress Fatal Error: call to undefined function 3) The following lists the Pages by the Order value you must set for each page:. Display wordpress comments before the plugins?
<ul>    <?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order'); ?> </ul> 
Also, searching and participating in the Wordpress support forum will probably guidance you a lot.. How to create feedburner feed for sub-folder?
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