Wordpress Custom Field/ Meta Box for a specific Post/Page

Wordpress Custom Field/ Meta Box for a specific Post/Page

I know you can easily add custom meta boxes per post type, but I'm looking to add a custom meta box / custom field for a specific page without getting away from the wordpress 'pages' menu.

So for example, when I go to Pages-> Edit 'Home' a box called welcome text shows up.

If I edit the page 'About', that box wont show up.

Any ideas?

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If you want to decide on the edit page whether to add a meta box or not, hook into the add_meta_boxes or add_meta_boxes_page (for the page post type) actions. Does Stack Overflow's pretty print engine and editor exist as a plugin to WordPress?They are called right before the boxes are drawn, so you must choose to add one via add_meta_box.. wordpress custom post type rewrite rule pagination for author
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You should be able to use the Custom_Fields property on the pages you want to add data to. wordpress / xampp - links don't work for default themeFor example. On the "Home" page add a custom field "welcome_text" then use any thing like .
$customField = receive _post_custom_values("welcome_text"); if (isset($customField[0])) {     echo $customField[0]; }   
inside the home template. I'm sure there are another ways although this may be the simpliest. .


Perhaps WPAlchemy MetaBox might help....

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