Switching from Wordpress to Drupal Search Engine Problems

Switching from Wordpress to Drupal Search Engine Problems

I have been running a WP site for a little over 6 months now and I'm beginning to run into WP limitations on post styles (yes, I know about WP3's post types).

I would like to completely change the site over to Drupal, but I'm worried about the Search Engine effects.

For instance: We have finally just put on many pages images on Google Images - we will lose all those? Will it cause the site to get blacklisted due to the change? Or will Google recognize the site's change and just reindex the images?

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Do you mean you have referenced images in the content hosted on Google Images, or you uploaded images to Google for use in the content?. How do I set up a custom URL shortener for my posts? Either way, you shouldn't have any short or long term affects with SEO, as long as you institute the same SEO in your site when converting. In WordPress how do you create a custom post type with the author's name in the slug?For example, meta tags, meta keywords, description, site name etc.. Wordpress and Drupal on the same domain cause htaccess conflicts? Check out these modules:. Wordpress - Same images attached to multiple posts
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Also, Nodewords 1.13 and newer must let you add the OpenGraph meta tags, which are used with Facebook to provide the customized summary blocks when you bookmark a page..

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